The Departed Shoot At Fort Schuyler 2006

Legendary director, Martin Scorsese and lead actor and film star Matt Damon joined Warner Brothers’ ensemble of extras, cast and production crew on August 4-5 at SUNY Maritime College’s campus.

Because of its unique characteristics, Maritime was used to portray the Massachusetts Police Academy, and its Pentagon sally port was the backdrop for an academy graduation scene.  A firing range was erected along the wall of the athletic building wall for another scene, while the campus' central boat bay doubled as a

police headquarters conference room. The film stars Matt Damon as a gangster who has infiltrated the Boston police department, while co-star Leonardo DiCaprio plays a policeman who infiltrates the mob.

They filmed five scenes for the movie, THE DEPARTED which stars Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and Martin Sheen, just a few of the big names among the movie’s stellar cast. Location scenes shot at Maritime involved the Massachusetts Police Academy and included two of Maritime’s Fort classrooms; the Pentagon for the Graduation scene; the athletic field for the physical training/rain scene; the

firing range scene which was erected along the Maritime College athletic wall in record time; and our waterfront’s central boat bay housed the movie’s police headquarters’ conference room set that was built in Brooklyn.

THE DEPARTED premiered at Christmas, 2006.
The classroom scene, police academy graduation scene, and shooting range scene (all at the beginning of the film) were actually shot near the end of production. The police academy, where both Billy and the older Colin (Matt Damon) train for the force, is Historic Fort Schuyler, on the campus of State University of New York’s Maritime College, situated at the northern end of Throggs Neck Bridge in the Bronx.

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