Teach An Online Course

We are looking for experts!

  • Over the years, you have developed a body of knowledge and expertise, right?
  • Would you like to share that knowledge and expertise with other like-minded people and learn from them too?
  • Would you like to gain exposure for yourself or your business amongst your peers?
If so, you might want to consider teaching an online class, or conducting an online lecture or seminar.
If you would like to try teaching online, please contact the site owner:
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What would I have to do?

Teaching in a distance learning environment is somewhat similar to teaching in a classroom or at an industry conference. As in brick-and-mortar universities, you would have to prepare and organize the subject matter that you are going to teach. Having a well-thought out outline of the material you want to present is always a good starting point. For visuals, many online presenters use PowerPoint but anything that you can display on your computer screen will do such as Word documents, PDF's, pictures, even entire web sites.

You know your stuff. You just have to make sure that you present it in a logical, easy-to-understand way. And then be prepared to answer questions and interact with your audience. This is really no different than face-to-face lecturing and teaching.

How exactly is this done online?

You will be able to deliver a lecture or teach a class from anywhere you have a stable Internet connection and have access to a phone. Everyone will be on a conference call. (You will be able to put the students on mute at times which can be useful when you are teaching large groups.)

A few minutes before the event starts, you and your audience will log into a website and use screen-sharing software (probably GoToMeeting) that will enable you to show everybody what is on your screen. If you want to use a PowerPoint, as part of your presentation, simply bring it up on your computer and everybody will be able to see it. Want to show them pictures on a web site? Use your browser to navigate to that website and they will see it too. Basically, your computer screen becomes your blackboard.

If all of this seems daunting, never fear. We have a great deal of experience training people how to teach courses online and we will train you before you go live. All you really need to do is prepare your course material. We will help with the rest. We can even record the sessions and make them available to people that were unable to attend the live event.
If you would like to try teaching online, please contact the site owner:
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